Skyfall (US version)

Ryek_2016This is the end.

The end of an era.


It makes no sense to complain about reality.

You have to face it. Or perish.


USA has renounced its leading role for the Western World. The party is over. USA returns to itself, „Heim ins Reich“. Back to the roots. Whoever is to become President or could have been President.

The Great White Father in Washington will no longer handle the affairs of ROW. This convenience period has ended. Whenever it will happen again, it will happen for a hefty price. Fair enough.

America has decided in free, secret, democratic ballot. What to be will be seen when the gun smoke of the election war has dispersed. Hopefully not the first radical religious fundamentalist Caliphate of the Western World in Modern Times.

The majority of the American men want to have a leading person who „Makes America Great Again“. Like in the fifties. Whatever this means and however it shall happen in a globalized world.

And the women? Nearly half of them, thereof a significant part of young women, obviously seem to have no problem with their submissive role in the American Society. What really surprised me. However, it explains the success of some kind of literature made in America. The (wet) feminine American Dream seems to be the acceptance of sexism in public and active submission. Now it becomes reality. Why the mothers and grandmothers of these women took to the street for equal rights and the right to vote is off my mind. The role of a speaking piece of furniture could have been acquired without male resistance.


There might come some minor amendments in wording which have to be paid attention, if you are a soon-to-be successful writer:

Mr. (Mister) will become Mr. (Master)

Mrs. (Mistress) will become Smrs. (Submisstress)

Ms. will become Gal

Example: „Mr. and Mrs. Smith“ will become „Master and Submistress Smith“ (pay attention to the „s“es)



It makes no sense to complain about reality.

You have to face it. Now.


©Ryek Darkener 2016

©Ryek Darkener 2016

My five Cent.

Ryek Darkener, German Writer


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